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We transform the consciousness and capabilities of leaders, propelling organizations and startups to new levels of success with a unique blend of research-backed leadership tools.


The ORCA Conscious Leadership Framework©

At ORCA, we know the true key theme to leadership success: Conscious Leadership. And we’ve created our own proprietary framework that is needed more now than ever. The ORCA 4As of Conscious Leadership Framework© is a simple tool designed to deepen self-awareness and help leaders realize their full potential – as well as the potential of their teams. It is about leaders understanding and embracing their whole self with total awareness that a leader’s inner game manifests their external results – their leadership impact. Our framework allows for lasting leadership changes so leaders can authentically manage themselves, their teams, and the entire enterprise.

Life Transitions & My Journey to Conscious Leadership

With CEO, Paul O’Beirne

Our Results

At ORCA HR Solutions, we’ve propelled long-term growth for industry giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and more. Our approach? The power of conscious leaders. Explore how our unique blend of leadership expertise and tech industry insight has propelled organizations to unprecedented heights.

Our Certifications

  • CF – Professional Certified Coach,
  • Benchmarks 360 Leadership Circle Leadership Circle Collective,
  • Creating We Neurochemistry (Conversational Intelligence) Microsoft Adaptive Leadership Hogan Leadership,
  • Driving Forces Emotional Intelligence Hartman Acumen
  • Stages of Growth
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Feedback,
  • Leadership Identity,
  • Team Elements,
  • The Science of Happiness,
  • Immunity to Change,
  • AdaQuest Strategic Planning Vision Realization,
  • Lake Washington HR Mentor ATD Master Facilitator.

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